Weekly Box: November 20th & 21st

weekly box for 20-21 November

We hope you are enjoying our new and improved packaging!  We want to guarantee your produce shows up cold and crisp!

This week's box is one for the books!  Our locals and Wednesday shipping customers will receive this box.  Our Monday shippers will receive our Thanksgiving box!  And on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week our Wednesday customers will also receive their Thanksgiving boxes EARLY.  Just in time to prepare for your celebratory day of gratefulness!

  As we revert back to a more restrictive lifestyle again, we pray for you.  We pray that you would remember the small things that bring you joy.  We also hope that you would feel love from your family, friends as well as from strangers.  Be blessed beyond measure.  


Shishito Peppers

***The above list represents the JUMBO and BUSHEL.  All items will be in the JUNIOR/BUNDLE in lesser quantity.

The PETITE box includes the following:

2 Apples
Petite Romaine
Green Onion
Small Head of Broccoli


Armor Farms'n Thanksgiving

I have a hard time coming up with ideas for my Kale!  I almost always make Kale chips, which I love, but it is getting redundant!  My friend Amanda used her Kale for a decorative addition to her turkey plate!  I am so copying this idea next week.  It looks amazing don't you think?

Armor Farms' Shelby Bernard

This week I also made my first homemade apple pie from scratch.  It certainly needs improvement.  It was a little bland from the apples to the crust.  Thankfully, you all have shared some tips and tricks for changing that!  I am going to give it another try for Thanksgiving day.
Owner Armor Farms
EPH 6, 10-20
"Put on the full ARMOR of God"


What's Happening at ARMOR FARMS

  • T-shirts for sale on the merch page coming soon!
  • Central Coast Living has us featured on the cover this month and it hit the coast this week!  
  • Thanksgiving boxes will be delivered early next week! They are beautiful and should meet all your needs for preparing your side dishes!
  • If you didn't know, we have an ambassador program!  Earn a percent back on every box sold!  We are looking for local churches to take part in this option!  Contact us at shelby@armorfarms.com.


Order Cutoff for Local Delivery

All new orders placed by Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST are available for local delivery on Thursday or Friday.  All new orders that are after Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST will be delivered the following Thursday or Friday.