Weekly Box: October 23rd & 24th

weekly box for Oct 23 & 24

I have already begun slicing and dicing up this box! I can't wait to make a pork roast and mash these potatoes! My mom always made our pork with sauerkraut and I learned to love it. Every time I make it, it takes a piece of my heart back to the small mid-west town I grew up in. It makes me miss all of my family who still reside in that small town of Salem, Ohio. I have a lot of memories involving Sunday dinners and over eating my mom's pork roast, mash potatoes, and dumplings!
I can't wait to see what you do with this week's box!


Petite Romaine
Red Potatoes
Green Beans
Red Peppers
Green Peppers
Green Onion

***The above list represents the Jumbo/Bushel. All items will be in the Junior/Bundle in lesser quantity.

The PETITE box:
Red Potatoes
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Green Beans
Green Onion

Germans have been eating pork and sauerkraut on New Year's for generations because they believe it brings good luck (viel glück in German). As these kraut lovers immigrated to the Midwest, they brought their traditions with them, including this one.  My mom's pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes often included adding kielbasa just like this one.  I personally loved having both meat options! When I first made this for my California born and raised husband he wasn't so sure about it.  But now, you better believe come Sunday, he is first in line for his Pork and Sauerkraut!

pork and sauerkraut on a plate
My kids on the other hand, prefer to eat chicken nuggets and tater tots on Pork and Sauerkraut Sundays!  My three sons, Bowen, Declan, Rennon and my daughter Evington picked out their pumpkins this weekend!  It was far from fall weather, but this adorable pumpkin patch made us feel all things October!
owners sons in a pumpkin patchowner's daughter in a pumpkin patch


What's Happening at ARMOR FARMS
  • We headed over to our local pumpkin patch, Branch Creek Farm to get our pumpkins last weekend!  
  • We had a great time chatting with SLOcal Farm Stands last week!  Stand by for a story on their Facebook page soon!  
  • We may have something to do with the launch of a new local magazine!  Look out for the first issue of Central Coast Living coming in November!   
  • If you didn't know, we have an ambassador program!  Earn a percent back on every box sold!  We are looking for local churches to take part in this option!  Contact us at shelby@armorfarms.com


Order Cutoff for Local Delivery

All new orders placed by Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST are available for local delivery on Thursday or Friday.  All new orders that are after Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST will be delivered the following Thursday or Friday.