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Local Petite Pack

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***This is only available for local customers.  Please review cutoff times below***


The Petite Pack is perfect for the couple, smaller family or meal planners who want to have a salad, one or two sides and fruit to enjoy all week.   It also allows for those of you who enjoy meal planing  for healthy eating.  You can count on 6-8 produce varieties in your box.  An example of this box would be:

1 head of Broccoli

1 bunch of Spinach

1 bunch of Carrots

1 clam of Strawberries

1 clam of Blackberries

2-3 Apples

New Members, take 5% off your first subscription box with code FIRSTBOX at checkout!  

Order Cutoff for Local Delivery

All new orders placed by Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST are available for local delivery on Thursday or Friday.  All new orders that are placed after Tuesday at 11:59 PM PST will be delivered the following week.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jan 7 box

Contents wasn't what I expected based on email indicating what would be in the petite box. Amount of produce seemed less than what I've received in past boxes. The quality of what I received was good. I received romaine and 2 apples which I expected, but not broccoli, carrots, and cucumber. I received celery, 2 small potatoes and some grape tomatoes. Thank you.


I was very excited anticipating my first delivery however I was very disappointed when it arrived. Although everything was very fresh it was very meager. It looked to be about $7 worth of produce at Trader Joe’s. I decided to wait and see how week 2 went. It was just as disappointing. I sent an email looking for assistance in canceling my order but 2 days later no response. I do realize it is Christmas so I understand. I don’t really like to complain however you deserve my honest opinion.


Our petite pack of fresh produce we receive is the perfect amount for us. We tend to eat more veggies then we usually since we started the subscription. Thanks for the top quality produce!

Never arrived.

Normally love this service but I recently adjusted to a smaller box, and I never got this order or any communication on its shipping. Unclear what happened.

Good, and Beyond the Usual

These veggies go beyond ordinary carrots and cabbage. They include things such as Romanesco, Shishito peppers and purple carrots. We love it!